Programs and Services


Programs and Services


Orientation and Move-In Packages

Guardian Scholars attend a comprehensive orientation that covers all programs and services.  They also recieve a move-in package that includes personal hygiene products, school supplies, and other program-related merchandise.

Priority Registration

Guardian Scholars are able to register for classes before the general student population.

Priority Year-Round Housing

Guardian Scholars who complete their housing applications on time are guaranteed a home in the residence halls. The Extended Stay Program also allows Guardian Scholars to remain in the residence halls during winter and spring breaks.


Free tutoring services are available to Guardian Scholars through the Bright Success Center.  Please visit our Tutoring Calendar.  There is also free tutoring specifically for STEM classes.  Click HERE to view the schedule.

Textbook Assistance

Guardian Scholars in good academic standing are eligible for a textbook stipend each semester through the Burton Book Fund. We also have a free lending library for our students which can be viewed HERE.

Psychological Counseling

Unlimited individual and group counseling is available to Guardian Scholars through the Counseling and Psychological Services office.

Explore the Valley

Each semester, Guardian Scholars will have the opportunity to attend a special event that exposes them to one of the Valley’s many natural, educational, historic and cultural attractions.

Guardian Scholars Club

A faculty or staff-sponsored and student-administered club open to all UC Merced students with the goal of furthering the visibility of foster youth in higher education.  To learn more about our club click HERE.

Friday Night Fun

A once-a-month opportunity for Guardian Scholars to connect with local in-care youth. The goal of these get-togethers is to encourage and inspire the next generation of foster youth to pursue higher education.


A variety of academic and life-skills courses are offered each semester to assist students with becoming more confident, independent, and prepared for college and beyond. There are also several on-line workshops available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Liaison Services

The Guardian Scholars Coordinator will ensure that your academic needs are met with minimal difficulty by working closely with key departments and officials on campus.

Academic Advising

All Guardian Scholars receive one-on-one academic advising to ensure that they are on the track to success.

Life-Skills Counseling

Guardian Scholars staff is available to provide advice and perspective on the issues many of us face in our daily lives.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Guardian Scholars may be eligible for a small stipend for necessities not covered by other means.  Please check with the Guardian Scholars Coordinator to determine whether or not you qualify.

Scholarship Opportunities

Opportunities will vary each term. Check with the Coordinator for the latest information.