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Fostering Educational Success


Provide a sustainable network of academic and personal support services at UC Merced that promote degree attainment for youth who have experienced the foster care system and/or homelessness. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive space through programming and services designed to help scholars build community, identify their strengths, and utilize their resources.

Quick Links

Staff Photo
Meet our 2022 Guardian Scholars staff, Emilee, Minh, Leonard, Edith, and Maddison.
GSP Banquet
We love celebrating our GSP scholars and their accomplishments! Click on the slide to learn more!!
GSP Spring Trip!
Every Spring, the GSP offers its scholars an opportunity to go on all expense paid trip. In 2019, we went to Monterey Bay Aquarium! Click to learn more! 
GSP Workshops!
We offer many workshops throughout the semester! Workshops offered in the past include: Preparing for Grad School, Imposter Syndrome, Self-Care, and more! Click the picture to learn more. 
GSP Socials!
Every semester, the GSP holds Socials for our scholars to connect with each other. This is a time to de-stress and create community and lifelong friendships. Click on the picture to learn more!
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