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Guardian Scholars x Bobcat Underground Scholars Graduation Banquet

Bobcat Day


Financial Workshop

Making Healthy Boundaries Workshop

Tabling outside KL

Tabling outside KL

PJ Party Palooza- Making Cozy Connections

Beyond the Degree: Crafting Your Path to Professional Success

Understanding Stress

Family Fued Trivia Night

Coco and Quilts

Social #2: Fall Festival

Social #1: Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Embrace Your Excellence: Conquering Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Resume Workshop with BUS & CCPA

Continuing Student Orientation

Time Management Workshop: For a Thriving College Social Life

Happy Planting Workshop

Minute to Win-It Social

Making the Most of Your Potential Workshop

Advocacy Workshop

Valentines day Tabling

Stitch Your Boredom Away

Origami Hearts

Social Networking Professional Development Workshop

All Cookie'd Out

Burn Out

Mixer with Current Graduate Students

Funding Graduate School and Fellowship Workshop

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Workshop

Graduate School for Leadership Higher Education

Priority Registration Opens!

Coco and Quilts

UCSF Outreach and Recruitment Virtual Visit

Using My Degree Path

Fall Festival

Graduate School Application Statements

Graduate School 101

UROC: Path To Grad School Series

What's Your Pitch

Cents and Sense

Game on !

Speaking with Purpose

Do It With Passion

GSP Kick-off Tabling

Second Year Orientation

GSP Kick-off Tabling

First Year Orientation

GSP Celebration

Study Session

Study Session

Trivia Night

Study Session

Study Session

Study Session

Kick Off

Program Requirements End

Finding Serenity

Study Session

Study Session

Easter Hunt

Study Session

Study Session

Study Session

Study Session

Study session

Finding Community

Thinking Professionally

Comfort In Color

Second Meeting Requirement Starts

Testing the Waters: A Guide to Internships

What's CalFresh

Study Session

Clip N Save

Tick- Tock


Let's Talk Money!

Program Requirements Begin

Gift Box Project



Trivia Night

The Starfish Throwers

Inaugural Central Valley Higher Education Basic Needs Summit

Donation Drive


Financing Graduate School

Imposter Syndrome

Email Etiquette Professional Workshop.

Fall Festival

Graduate School Panel

Live Cooking Demonstration Personal Workshop

Self Care Personal Workshop

Riddle Me That Social

College Living Budgeting Personal Workshop

Hot Hands Social

Time is Key Personal Workshop

My Degree Path

Healthy Living



On The Hunt

Juggling Your Time

Informational Session #2

Circle of Experiences (GSP Scholars ONLY)


Visions of Foster Youth (Foster Youth Students ONLY)

GSP Information Session

GSP Banquet

Game On! (Social)

Mock Interviews

#FYAM2021 'All About Me' (Social)


Off-Campus Housing

Salary Negotiation

Credit Advice

Alumni Panel

Student Coordinator Panel

Zumba with GSP (Social)


Cooking Hacks For College Life

Bingo Night With GSP (Social)

Resume, Cover Letter, and CV's

Conflict Resolution

Scholarship Night

Share Square

Starting Job Search

Relationships Types & Boundaries

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