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Meet the Team

Student Coordinators


Maddison Crump

Professional Title: Lead Student Coordinator

Cohort: Third Years

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Bio: Hello all! My name is Maddison and I’m a psychology major. I really enjoy working out, random facts, corny jokes, and archery. I am from San Bernardino County just an hour outside of LA. Post-bachelors I want to work towards my Masters to be an adolescent counselor or be a social worker. Outside from working at GSP I am also a student in the program. You can schedule a meeting with me at the link above.

Brana Phillips

Professional Title: Co-Lead Student Coordinator

Cohort: Second Years 

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Bio: Hi my name is Brana (bruh-nae) I am a 4th year psychology major. I was born and raised in Los Angeles,Ca. After graduating I would like to work in juvenile probation and children therapy. Some fun facts about me I was born in the month of March, I am the youngest of my 5 siblings, and my favorite color is pink. 

Brianna Figueroa

Professional Title: Outreach & Programming 

Cohort: Transfers & Fourth Years, Fourth+ Years

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Bio: Hey Everyone!!! My name is Brianna and I am a Sociology major. I love customizing hoodies and Spotify glasses. I’m from the Bay Area. After I receive my bachelors degree, I hope to go back to the Bay Area to work towards a masters degree and become a social worker. Feel free to schedule a meeting with me!

Brianna Ochoa

Professional Title: Retention & Programming 

Cohort: First Years 


Schedule Appointment:Here

Bio: Hi my name is Brianna and I’m a second year psychology major. I am from Los Angeles. I really like nature, reading and music. After I graduate, I hope to continue my education and start working towards becoming a psychologist or a therapist. I hope to see you soon, please do that by clicking the link above.